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the soul beacons


Hailing from Dana Point California, we are the new classic sound in         Funk and soul music


Guitar / Isaac Ostmann
Hammond Organ / Johnny Carson
Bass / Samuel Ahia-Kerckoff
Drums / Kris Wismer


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September 21, 2016      The WaxBall at The Sandpiper Lounge, Laguna Beach C.A.

October 6, 2016    Hippy Tree and Thalia Surf Art Exposition at Thalia st. Laguna Beach C.A. 

October 31, 2016  Tyler Warren Presents The Soul Beacons Halloween Extravaganza, San Juan Capistrano

November 18, 2016   The GoodFoot! featuring The Soul Beacons, Alex's Bar Long Beach C.A.

November 19, 2016   Molly Blooms, San Clemente C.A. 

December 2,  2016   Beatnik Bandito, Downtown Santa Ana C.A.

December 17, 2016   California Records X-Mas in-store event, free, all ages, Dana Point C.A.


current releases

The Soul Beacons current vinyl releases are available on the Magnet Recordings record label. Pressed in the USA on quality virgin vinyl, and are recorded, mixed, mastered & pressed entirely in the analog domain, without the assistance of digital technology, to ensure the highest possible fidelity    


A Fox In The Hen House

The Soul Beacons debut full length 10" vinyl LP                          Side 1:                                                                                         1. The Sidewinder                                                            2. The Shake-up (At Lee Chong's Market)                                     3. Dead Ringer                                                            4. Boneyard Shimmy                                                           Side 2:                                                                        1. Boiler Song                                                             2. Into the Mallow Weeds                                                    3. The Funky Get-Down (at the Bear Flag Hotel)                              4. The Hammer                                                                5. Ballad of the Palace Flophouse

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The Phantom/Blackbird and the oxcart 45rpm 7"

The Soul Beacons 7" 45rpm vinyl single featuring:                       Side A: Blackbird and the Oxcart                                        Side B: The Phantom

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News & Updates


In a rare David vs. Goliath moment: on this most recent Record Store day event at one of Orange County's most seminal record shops Moldy Toe's Records; The soul Beacons current vinyl LP release A Fox in the Hen House officially was the number one selling release of the entire Record Store Day event beating by a good margin anticipated releases by many acts such as: Fleetwood Mack, The Sex Pistols, Madonna, Sublime as well as many others. Proof positive that the people need the funk and they gotta have the soul!



Many thanks to Cory Good and the Sandpiper lounge for bringing The Soul Beacons to The WaxBall, if you were there then you know what a dangerous combination it was. 



The current Soul Beacons vinyl releases (A Fox in the Hen House LP, and The Phantom 45rpm single)             continue to sell strong, many thanks to all the hard work by everyone over at our label Magnet Recordings. Non-the-less; we are back in the studio readying new tracks for what looks to be a series of hot new releases, new 7"s and and LP soon to come!     



The Soul Beacons vinyl LP A fox in the Hen House will be featured tonight live on FM KX93.5 during the Deep Cuts radio show hosted by the legendary Jonathan Tufano.



Tonight The Soul Beacons current vinyl LP will be the featured record of the evening on Radio Sombra ( at 5:30pm for the Persistence of Sound radio show featuring host and resident DJ Gary Alvarez-Castaneda










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